How can help students pursue their dream career

If you’re a college student, we can provide you with the information you need in order to pursue your dream career. Better yet, you’ll be able to compare an extensive list of domestic and international universities and courses, without having to visit a multitude of different websites.

If you’re curious about how studyandjob can help you on your career journey, simply continue reading to discover 5 ways that studetnandjob can help you choose a course, or university program that will get you closer to obtaining your dream job!

5 ways that studyandjob can help you pursue your dream career:

1. You’ll be able to asses your current skill set

Studyandjob boasts a variety of assessment tools, which will help you honestly assess your current skill set. Not only will you discover your unique strengths but you’ll also identify your weaknesses. Whilst it may be hard to acknowledge your weaknesses, studyandjob will be able to recommend training courses, which can help you work on your weaknesses.

As an example, if you need to work on your IT skills, in order to prepare yourself for a career as a graphic designer, studyandjob will be able to recommend a variety of institutions which offer suitable IT courses.

If you’re unsure of which career path, you’d like to pursue, studyandjob can also provide you with a shortlist of possible career paths, that suit your unique strengths. As an example if science and maths are your strong suits, you may be interested in pursuing a career as a engineer.

2. You’ll have access to detailed information on a wide array of job sectors

Studyandjob also boasts detailed information about a variety of job sectors, which you may or may not have considered. Each profile will tell you the average salary of each job as well as what qualifications applicants are required to have. You’ll also be able to read about the everyday tasks which each job involves. Which will give you a fair indication of whether or not, you’re suited to your dream job. Or whether it’s worth browsing alternative career paths.

3. You’ll be able to compare a wide variety of universities and training courses

Shopping around for the perfect university can be a daunting process. As not only do you need to find a university which offers courses that you’re passionate about and which will get you one step closer to your dream job but you also have to find a university whose campus suits your personality and your individual needs.

As an example, you may be on the hunt for a university which offers plenty of clubs and extracurricular activities. Or you may be interested in enrolling with a university which offers an action packed calendar of social events. That will allow you to make life long friendships.

Luckily studyandjob boasts an informative university profile for each listed university as well as detailed course descriptions of all of the courses on offer.

4. You’ll be able to apply to numerous courses and universities

Once you’ve found a training course or university that excites you, you’ll be able to apply for your chosen courses online. As an added bonus, you’ll also find in depth information about how to apply for student aid as well as scholarships.

5. You’ll also be able to apply for part-time jobs and internships

In today’s competitive job market, one way to stand out from other applicants, is to have a resume which boasts plenty of related experience. Whilst you shouldn’t forgo a university education, it’s well worth considering working a part-time job or applying for an internship, in your first year of study. That way, when you graduate you’ll have at least three years of industry experience, under your belt.

If you’re unsure of how to go about, finding a suitable part-time job, studyandjob will have all the information and resources you need in order to find a decent paying part-time job. If you’re not planning on relying on a part-time job in order to fund your university studies, it’s seriously worth pursuing a professional internship.

Whilst you may not earn a lot of money as an intern, you’ll be far more likely to work at a business, which is directly linked to your chosen career path. Better yet, you may even be offered a full time job, post graduation.

If you’re not sure about pursuing a university education, you’ll also be given information on shorter training courses that may suit your needs.

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